Windshield Sticker Installation Guide

STEPS 1 - 3

Step 1: After cleaning the windshield surface, find and mark the centre of the decal.

Step 2: Remove a portion of the backing paper from the centre.

Step 3: Fold back each side of the backing paper approximately 2.5cm from the centre.

steps 4 - 6

Step 4: Place the sticker in the desired position and stick the exposed centre piece down with your thumb.

Step 5: Apply each side of the decal with a soft non-marring tool i.e your thumb, a credit card etc.

STEPS 7 - 8

Step 7: If the vinyl appears to be lifting, push the application tape in the opposite direction and repeat Step 5.

Step 8: If air bubbles are present after removing the application tape, puncture the vinyl with a pin and squeeze the air out towards the puncture.